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Hyphae is a series of lamps, each of them one-of-a-kind creations modeled after the patterns of veins that carry water to nourish plants and blood to keep animals alive.

from Cool Hunting

Umut Yamac’s Perch Light

Perch Light - Umut Yamac. The stylized bird-shaped light sits still on its perch until you pass it, or a draft sets it in motion: then the bird gracefully swings, dipping back and forth whilst staying illuminated.

Outdoor sculpture created with wire and tissue paper soaked in gel medium. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Terrarios ... capa inferior de rocas o piedras párr mantener el drenaje de la raíz, capa de tierra, Hermosas Plantas Suculentas, La Parte Superior Con Una capa decorativa opcional de Guijarros De Colores Diferentes. Más Fácil-forma Más Rápida de Estilo Traer un Hogar Do