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Graphing Your Way to Summer F R E E B I E

Graphing Practice Problems - Set of 3 Problems. In this graphing activity, students are given data for three different problems. The student will identify the independent and dependent variables, graph the data, and answer critical thinking questions about the graph. The student will complete three different graphs. Each graph/problem is accompanied by 6 questions. $

Teaching students how to make better bar graphs: start with labeling the parts of a bar graph.  Discuss the steps you take in making a bar graph. Use authentic data to practice making a bar graph on grid paper.

Students identify the fun Halloween fractions....

This is a set of measurement terms, both customary and metric, and the questions that they answer. Have students organize them in columns to show understanding of what each term represents. I also have put magnets on them and arranged them on my white board. We play a game of "One of these things just doesn't belong!" Students love to search for the term that I have misplaced, then take turns misplacing others while their classmates' backs are turned. Great for practice or quizzing!

In this Real-Life math lesson students will interpret graphs to find the story that the graph is telling and then make their own graph and story us...

Kids get excited about graphing calculators! Even if you have never taught a lesson with graphing calculators, you can handle this one! This activity is an exploratory overview of graphing. It is designed for use with students who have no prior experience using graphing calculators (TI-84 Plus) , but is not limited to a class of that type.

This is a fun graphing activity that gives your students an opportunity to collect their own data and showcase their results in a bar graph. Stude...

Start your Monday's with the Literary Term Of The Week! This purchase includes a 110 slide presentation with modern examples of literary terms that your students will definitely recognize :) It also includes a Lit term of the week poster for each of the terms so your students can find their own examples throughout thew week!