Keep calm and carry yarn

little knitter


Things all knitters should know

Holy knitters Heaven!

Keep calm and knit on. This is a great motto for any #knitter to live by!

Christmas knitter

Anyone can be a knitter, and anything can be knitted...

Knitter ~Harry Whittier Frees

The knitter

Little girl knitting. It says, "Look at our knitter's face."

a knitter.


Little dog... BIG DOG. Someday I will have this :) Big Dogs = Man's Best Friend /

Oh dear god, owl kisses are so cute I think my heart just esploded.

Anatomy of a knitter illustration


Yarn crafts....take me away!

Czech knitters

Various techniques for weaving in ends - tutorial. I've been a knitter for over 35 years and didn't know some of these techniques!

Knitters Delight Apron