Flapper #Twenties #flapper


Peggy Shannon, 1930s

1920's Glam.

Gladys Zielian - 1919 - Photo by Edward Thayer Monroe, New York


Style Inspiration~Evelyn Brent, 1920s.



Roaring twenties

Flapper #Twenties #flapper

Fashion: 1920s flapper. Flappers had both an image and an attitude. To look more like a boy the flappers would wind cloth around their chests to flatten them. The waists of clothes were dropped to the hipline.

1920s Glamour- Super excited for this project. I chose this picture because I just absolutely love the 1920's and their clothes. I really love the pearls!

Les Modes (Paris) November 1927

Fashion 1920's

1920s flapper

Myrna Darby, 1920. See our top five 20s burlesque dancers http://www.burlexe.com/five-20s-burlesque-dancers-to-remember/