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When Grandma Doesn’t Know Best - Changing misperceptions often happens one person at a time

You Can End BDL - Sometimes, all it takes is one person to stand up and speak out against breed-discriminatory legislation

Learning Through Parvo - When I found a puppy on the corner, I did not know what sort of dog he was. He was cute but very sick, so I left him with my vet that Friday afternoon (Dec. 1, 2006) in an effort to beat the parvovirus he had. We got him back on Monday afternoon and started on a program of feeding him up, as he was a bit boney. Over the next several days he perked up and started to play with our other three dogs. We began to wonder what sort of dog he was.

Vivien’s Second Chance - The diary of a pit bull at death’s door who got a second chance at life thanks to a woman acting on her convictions

One Dog, Two Dog, Red Dog, Blue Dog - A longtime foster shares some her thoughts and stories of the pit bulls she has fostered

The Resilient Rico - After having his tongue cut out by a cruel human on a beach in Mexico, three nonprofits pave the path for this pit bull’s new life

Jasmine’s Comeback - Pulled with a terminal illness, this pit bull’s foster mother found a cure and a great dog

A Teachable Moment - The author learns that sometimes it’s better to wag your tail than to bark