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    love them but is it sad that it bothers me that those are not Lisa's normal church/nice clothes?

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    Yeah, that's what it feels like sometimes--hygienist problem #143: patients doing what they are suppose to.

    In this strip Homer asks why he's such a loser and it prompts Bart to think, reply and explain that it was genetic. This then humorously makes Bart realize that with being a loser being genetic, means that he's going to turn-out to be a loser too. Ha-ha, that's very funny!

    Darn it for Bart Simpson! That should've been his prank call for 'Huge Ass'. But at Moe's Tavern--I mean, Flaming Moe's, there's a guy named Hugh Jazz.

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    I'm looking forward to the Apocalypse since it's apparently the only way that I won't have to pay back my student loans.

    What you didn't know is that one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse was actually a baby oompa-loompa who would be born to bring about the End of Days.