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    water feature how-to the-urban-garden

    Love water features

    Terracotta water feature

    DIY water feature on a tight budget, using a solar water pump.

    diy pots = water feature

    Water Jug Water Feature Tutorial

    Tranquil water feature.... bamboo beams, I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds!

    Planting these. ilovepalmer

    The next time you boil a dozen eggs, save the water and pour it on your garden and plants.  The water becomes enriched with calcium when the eggs are cooked.  Plus, why pour water down the sink when you can reuse it for something, right?

    Hillside stream and pond

    Simple stainless steel water wall, beautifully reflecting its surroundings

    Water in the cup..seeds on the saucer, great idea!

    terra cotta fountain

    A secret place to hideaway? kcward89

    . bussbuss

    FLIES will never come in your house again! Pennies hung in a baggie of water near the door. Oklahoma people and restaurant owners do this and it really works.

    William Morris David Austin Old English Rose


    garden shed-so cute: )

    Who needs to buy expensive paving? This would be so great for the front walk. missbettyclaire

    Now that is a beautiful lantern......