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To be honest.... I am Terrified of Needles. But I have O Neg RH Neg blood, and it's cost per ounce is more than that of gold. O Neg RH Neg blood is only used for open heart surgery and premature babies. Yeah, I have a stupid fear of needles, but I have a debt to society from something I did when I was a young, so I donate.

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10 Bucket List Ideas for Week of January 6, 2014

Before I Die Bucket Lists - DONE! All 5 Twilight Saga movies I was at the midnight premiere. :D

so good! first time at Great Taaj in Spokane 2014, then Kastoori Grill in Seattle (their food is amazing!)

at least two of them by the end of 2014, lady dates with Holly!

Three Rivers Tattoo Convention, TriCities WA, 2014, helped work the Modified Dolls booth

Scarywood 2014 (I was TERRIFIED)

Bucket list: dress up and take a pinup-style photo.

did this when I was really little, but I don't remember :( I guess I'll have to do it again :)

Wicked, saw in Spokane as part of Best of Broadway series, 2014


Snake River, family road trip, 1994

january 2013 with the modified dolls for special olympics

september 2013

grew up riding them as my mom always had horses.

after living with my bff in 2000 or 2001 had my own place for a while.

mr. darcy (african side-neck) and mr. bimble (painted turtle)

first time living away from parents, apartment with my bff, 2000 (i think? it was a long time ago)

all my life.

Passed this in summer 2013

first time made rolled sushi in 2007 - looked awkward but tasted fine

mushu, elliot, the baby beardies, and mad steve - 2007 to 2012