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baked a spiced deviled food cake from scratch, july 2012 - edible but the taste was so intense that it was difficult to eat much of at a time without lots of vanilla ice cream to mellow the flavor

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Yes! The Secret People, Monte Carlo Baby, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, War and Peace, Love in the Afternoon, Funny Face, Green Mansions, The Nun's Story, The Unforgiven, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Children's Hour, Charade, Paris When It Sizzles, My Fair Lady, How to Steal a Million, Two for the Road, Wait Until Dark, Robin and Marian, Bloodline, They All Laughed, Always

the day me and my boyfriend started dating chose new years to cross it off since I forgot and thought today would be perfect to crossing it off can't wait to spend this year with my bf 2015 be a good year one to remember