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castor oil hair mask

My hair was super long (like, the whole way down my back long) about a year ago and I got it cut to just above my shoulders. I regret it so much. So I am trying anything and everything to get it to grow long again.

Get The Frizz Out...Naturally!

Whether you are plagued with dry hair, oily hair, or both, this guide to Do-It-Yourself all natural hair masks will help you add shine, moisture, and balance to your lovely locks! With only three ingredients per mask, most of which you can find in your kitchen in addition to Oro de Sonora organic jojoba oil, there is no excuse for why you wouldn't try them!

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An at-home moisturizing hair mask for damaged hair

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Must try ---> “Indian women are known for beautiful hair,” says Purohit. “Hair oil massages are a big thing. Once a week, we apply coconut, olive or almond oil to hair, massage it in for five minutes, leave on for 10, then shampoo.

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