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Durer/Paumgartner Altar (left wing) c. 1503 Oil on lime panel, 151 x 61 cm Alte Pinakothek, Munich

COLLECTION: French comedy ROLE: A troubadour ARTISTS: Jérôme Pouly COSTUME DESCRIPTION: Costume Renaissance. Jerkin unbleached linen slashed black satin. Black velvet vest with floral motifs. Trousers in Ecru tricotine slashed black satin. WORK: Amorphous Ottenburg COMPOSER / AUTHOR Jean-Claude Grumberg DIRECTOR: Jean-Michel Ribes DATE OF PRODUCTION: 2000-01-29 PLACE OF PRODUCTION: French comedy, Paris (Salle Richelieu)

New to sewing and even newer to Landsknecht -

Embroidered ruff from the Elizabethan era.

WHFB Landsknecht - Champion by ~Ring-A-Ding on deviantART

lovely colours, landsknecht. from