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ive never seen a cat with this pattern and coloring before! how beautiful!

"Cats have an infallible understanding of total concentration--and get between you and it." --Arthur Bridges

Cat Art print - 4 for 3 SALE I heart birds - 4" X 6". $7.00, via Etsy.

"Black Velvet" by Nada Stankova here to find out more

{The Cat Lady} - she was having a crazy cat lady hair day! ;)

I want to be that teenager who, when my mom comes in my room, instead of scolding me for always being on my phone she says: "it's not good for you to always be in your room, alone, reading!"

Drawing visual movement. Try having students take a small video of an activity. Clip a series of still shots, and create drawings that combine the various caught movements.