How to make a gift bow

Homemade bows...I always forget how to make these so I'm pinning for later.

Christmas Decorations: Easy paper stars: These homemade Christmas ornaments bring me much attention. These paper stars are very easy to make with paper, glue and scissors, which can also serve to recycle scraps of wrapping paper or colored pages that you have not used complete. (translated from Spanish with Google translate)

Gabby Douglas: Paper flowers for packages or anything else.... ooorrrr snowflakes! :) :)

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paper flowers

DIY Gift box

Twine flowers - super easy, and super cute! addictive

Birds for the wall

How to Make Beautiful Paper Origami Bow with One Sheet of Paper ...

Paper Feathers DIY

Cool idea! Except I wouldn't cut the back off, just sew bows on the back of a jumper.

Don't have a bow? You can make one out of magazine pages.

Festive Bows

Family photo gift tags.

Good housewarming gift or hostess gift. DIY gift idea