containers as edging

Piping for succulents

Pipe Succulent Planters

Pot naturel en bambou, Idée déco à fabriquer - Loisirs créatifs

Mini Spiral Garden in a plant container

California Friendly works of art! Driftwood and various succulents...

Desert garden...not that I need a desert garden but this same idea with succulents would work great on my backyard hill!

Succulents in a tree trunk planter make a nice contrast of textures.

Cute hanging rather than on ground.

garden edge


Use an old pallet to make a vertical herb garden! Cheap, easy and beautiful!

Cute zebra succulents

LOVE the raised planter - around the fence

DIY: Succulent Planter

Garden Ideas: Rubber boots in a variety of colors become sturdy hanging planters when mounted on a fence.

I <3 Succulents.

Succulent turtle.

Make Furnishings Work Twice as Hard Because space is often at a premium in outdoor living areas, furniture and accessories have to do double-duty. Benches may have storage space underneath; tables may also be containers. Here, this pretty side table features a stunning container planted with low-maintenance succulents that add color and texture under a raised tempered-glass top resting on copper supports.