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  • Rowan Morrison

    On first glance I thought "Yes! this is SO right!" Then I read it again - more carefully! - Here it as AS IT SHOULD BE, with the mistakes capitalised! Unfortunately the whole thing should be rewritten as the grammar is appalling! - Every (space) time I see somebody spell a word WRONGLY (comma) I look down at the keyboard TO see how close the letter is to the letter THAT's SUPPOSED to be there, to see if IT'S socially acceptable to misspell THE said word...... GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

  • Maggie McClain

    grammar truth

  • Nicole Falk

    I do this every time. But every time I see somebody complain about spelling, I also check the grammar of said complaint, and I die a little every time there's an apostrophe missing in a contraction. True story ;)

  • Briana Becker

    Funny Quotes, Funny Quotes, Funny Sayings. So TRUE!

  • Sukaina Naqvi

    Me too. For example, I looked down to see how far away the space bar is from the y, since every time is two words, not one. Yep, I'm officially correcting the spelling on a quote that makes fun of bad spellers. #thatgirl Haha I am laughing at wt the last pinner said

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