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    Africa | Asante Wrapper.

    Tejido de corteza mbuti, siglo XX.


    Africa | Barkcloth ‘Pongo’ from the Mbuti people of the Ituri Forest of DR Congo | 20th century | Beaten bark from ficus tree, stamped and drawn with natural pigment

    Ituri art on bark cloth


    African textiles

    Indigo Arts Gallery | Art from Africa | Art from Africa - Mbuti Pygmy Bark-Cloth from the Congo

    Pygmy Mbuti Barkcloth Ituri Rainforest DR Congo Africa - Barkcloth - Textiles

    mbuti tribe of hunter/gatherers are found in Congo. the women are known for their paintings on bark cloth textiles.

    Kuba cloth

    Nextness Visual Diary Gunta Stölz: “Slit Tapestry Red/Green,” 1927/28. Gobelin technique. Cotton, silk, linen. 150×110 cm.

    Kuba cloth from the DR Congo | Africa | Raffia and vegetable dye


    mbuti barkcloth

    A textile artist hand-stamps a cloth with the Adinkra symbol Denkyem, the African crocodile, which symbolizes adaptability.

    stephen talasnik

    Largest piece of Golden Spider Silk Cloth made from 2.3 million golden orb spiders who made silk and then were released back to the wild.

    nigeria ~ detail view of adire textile, casava paste resist indigo-dyed cotton woman’s wrapper, c.1950 ~

    Africa | Kuba skirts, Tcaka, long are cloths made from raffia, from the Ngeende, Bushoong and Ngongo peoples. They incorporate appliqued "patches", embroidered shapes and patterns, openwork, tie-dye, cowrie shells, barkcloth and border elements | © Bobbi Hamill