Ted Ludwiczak began carving stone in the late 1980s after retiring. The self taught artist came to carving stone heads while building a stone retaining wall near his house. Seeing a face in a rock he took a hammer and an old lawn mower blade and defined the form. Pleased with the results he felt, one head would look lonely, so he carved other stones heads in the wall.Hundreds of stone heads now make up the environment he refers his Easter Island set on a hillside.

Jaime Filipe is a land artist who has been balancing stones in Portugal for some 7 years. This balancing act between two trees in the Parque Paleozóico de Valongo is one of a berwildering collection of zen like balancing stones in this album

Wood Carvings

Precolumbian double-headed sculpture, found in the area surrounding the Gulf Coast of Mexico

Carved Wood Spirit Man.

Central Kentucky is world famous for Thoroughbred horses and endless miles of rock fences (Dry stone walls). In Central Kentucky only 5 -10% of these 19th century dry stone walls built by Irish Immigrant stone masons still stand. These stone masons passed their craft on to black slaves that became masters of the craft of building rock walls.

Evgeniy Monahov - Music in my head

Chainsaw Carving - Jaws

Shlomit Flexer

George Peterson / carved wood

Architectural carving

Ron Hitchens; Terracotta Tile Wall Sculpture, 1960s.

Folk art angel, carving, wood via Victoria Station

Maori carving, New Zealand

African tribal Marka mask, Mali

Hand Puppet - Carved and Painted Wood and Metal, English, c.1870

Head in hands - Peter Harskamp

Volcano Woman Mask by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Beau Dick

Generation K

Chihuly ...I absolutely LOVE this!

Matthew Harding, 2004, Australian sculptor, Steel with rust patination