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braided bun

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I love doing this hairstyle <3

With head bent down, french braid hair starting at nape of neck. After at least halfway up back of head, secure braid with an elastic. Gather remaining hair & twirl around into a bun. Do a ballerina style bun (as shown), or a messy bun.

Adorable!  And it looks pretty simple so I neeeds to try this!!!

Part hair down center. Braid each pigtail back away from face. Tie braids in a knot. Bobby-pin loose ends. I also tie hair in a knot without braiding it.

French fishtail braid...need to try this!

The French Fishtail Seashell Braid! I can french braid my own hair and i can fishtail.but i certainly cannot fishtail my own hair!