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++ photo : sakura fantasma

++ photo : sakura fantasma

++ photo : sakura fantasma

light light light

Sakura, Tokyo, Japan


Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self discovery." --- #fire #element #elemental #magic #devvi #nature --

Untitled | by isabelle bertolini

It was quiet. The river was still. Fireworks reflecting off of it's glassy surfacing. The light from sparks and moonlight allowing just enough light to write in the old leather journal. To stain the crinkled, yellow pages with black. There's no magic left in the world, so I've heard. They've just never looked in the right place.

Heimat by Jula Mint/Julia Aumann.

K&C | Daniel Farò

Patterned - Felipe Neves

light. no penny for them. -kristina

take a picture.


This pool

by Helen Korpak

A Solitary Place

I think it should be a rule: on rainy days, only colorful, fun umbrellas should be allowed.

In the morning.....