small tebag cakes!

Cute tea party idea: cupcakes served in tea cups

cute cookies

cute cookies

Perfect for a summer tea party.


Soft Shortbread Cookies melting moments

How To: Bake a Shape Inside a Loaf

Scrabble cookies!

Tea Lover Gift - It's Always Tea Time - Tea Party Decor - Kitchen Art - Chalkboard Art - Kitchen Print - Chalk Art

Use Christmas cookie cutters to make pancake shapes.

Delectable Decadence

Shortbread Cookies

Squeeze Bottle Pancake Art.. - Kyk hoe nice!

shortcake for tea time

How to Flood Cookies (Tutorial) - AH! *THIS* is how to make cute cookies! Happy to get more tips.

Caramel Twix Cookie - The perfect Twix cookie starts with an unbelievably decadent Shortbread cookies topped with a layer of smooth caramel and a generous layer of gourmet milk chocolate topping. Get ready for the ultimate fun dessert, these cookies are incredibly easy to make!

Swan Cookies Recipe

making this!!