Korean idol star, Donghae, from the boy group Super Junior. Teaser photo for upcoming single, "Sexy, Free & Single". Reminds me of a Renaissance painting... but sexier! Source: allkpop.com



Army profile picture of Super Junior's Leeteuk (이특) (12/2012)

SUPER JUNIOR Super Ganteng

Donghae- I wish he would smile more.

Donghae of Super Junior

SuJu - Siwon Donghae Eunhyuk

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Donghae xD


I don't know, like I don't like Super Junior.....but I love him. It's not even that I just saw the drama he was in (which I will watch) but....I love his face. Just him! Like how come when I watch super junior video's I've never spotted you!!! Where have you been mister


Soooo true!!!!

Super Junior. ...

Super Junior releases Donghae’s teaser photo for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’

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Donghae from Super Junior

Donghae and Eunhyuk of Super Junior.

Super Junior -Frozen Costumes