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I'm pinnin' and s**t...

Adding "and shit" at the end of a sentence, can make anything sound thug. Example: "I was playing with my bubbles and shit.

If you cannot see why this is incorrect, please do not reproduce. Hint: it's has nothing to do with the meaning of the sign.

Ever wonder, "What is the greatest level of stupidity a person can reach?" The people who penned these 11 funniest misspelled political signs come dangerously close to answering that question.

A best friend...

A friend will calm you down when you are angry, but a BEST friend will skip beside you with a baseball bat singing "someone's gonna get it"

Oh la la !!! a good new

ice cream is a vegi. ice cream is from milk, milk from cows, cows eat grass. hense ice cream is a vegi. Yeah, I could get behind this way of thinking!

I felt this every time I tried looking for knick-knacks with my name on them while on vacation. And failed.

OMG, I used to say I couldn't find a keychain with my name on it, all the time. So hilarious. I love my name, keychain or not.

That awkward moment when sluts hate on other sluts, for being sluts.

Nothing moves faster than a girl untagging herself from an ugly picture.

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