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Korbinian Kohler. Enough said.

Marc Skvorc & Mia Cederberg-Skvorc of Klaus K, Helsinki, Finland

Tuncel Toprak

Martin Lee owner of the The Mira Hong Kong hotel in China.

Lutz Hesse & Christian Andresen of The Mandala Hotel, Berlin

Chistoph Hoffmann, Kai Holmann, Ardi Goldman and Stephan gerhard. The 25Hours group owners.

Alessandro Catenacci, founder of the Nobis Hotel Group

Martin Lee of The Mira Hong Kong

Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu

Sir Terence Conran, one of the founders of the Boundary Hotel in London, UK.

Kasemtham Sornsong and Tirawan Songsawat, the owners of The Library in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Daniel and Seraina Lauber of Cervo, Zermatt, Switzerland

Melanie Hall of Luna2 Private Hotel

Antonio Pérez Navarro, successful hotelier with properties all over Spain.