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    Aristocats -- would never get it, but it's superrrrr cute



    AristoCats Tattoo

    Aristocats tattoo, seriously considering :)

    Toulouse from The Aristocats! My sister and I got matching tattoos of the kittens from the Disney movie The Aristocats. We grew up watching that movie and we both fell in love with cats when we were older. My sister was also my best friend growing up, so I thought it was a good idea to incorporate everything we loved from our childhood.  My sister’s, Berlioz, can be found here. Done at Full Moon Tattoo by Joe in Crystal Lake, IL.

    Babe! What if we got a queen and king chess pieces? i love this more than any couples tattoo I've ever seen

    Thinking about this one as well. Daisy...

    Second star to the right and straight on til morning!

    i probably won't ever get a tattoo, but i like to think about it anyway. i love the writing in this one.

    phoenix tattoo- very pretty colors

    Believe in yourself tattoo (Be You)

    done at Electric Graffiti in Pensacola, Florida. traditional Winnie the Pooh

    Disney's Aristocats and little Marie the kitten,"because I'm a lady, that's why."

    Infinity tattoos! really like the rose one for my rep my mother and the three little hearts to rep my children and husband! really thinking of getting one of them!

    Intense Little Mermaid Tattoo

    Sun and Moon Matching Tattoos

    19 Disney-Inspired Tattoos That Are Pure Magic: After spotting our fashion colleague's heartwarming Frozen tattoo, we wondered what other Disney tattoos were out there.

    Water color tatt anyone?! #tattoo #art

    Aristocat Disney tattoo