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  • Kelly Maxwell

    Well known to all the ladies who were in Jr. High in the late 80s and early 90s... Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House. I REMEMBER THIS!!!!

  • Ashley Vinson

    MASH - childhood memories!!

  • Danyel Santos

    Bahaha what 90s kid didnt play MASH!?!?! Lol

  • Carolyn (Dear) Woeber

    Wow, I remember doing this as a kid... Remember this MASH game? (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House) 1. Write down five each of the following: names, types of cars, colors, number of children, places, and careers. 2. Then, one person starts drawing a spiral on a piece of paper and the person whose fortune is being told tells her when to stop. Then, you count across the spiral top to bottom to get the magic number for the game. 3. Alright, now all you do is count through your lists of items AND the letters M-A-S-H, eliminating the ones that you land on with your magic number. The last one left in each group is your winner. Keep counting through until you have only your last choice in each category left - et viola - your future.

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croquet... playing in the back yard with my friends. Great memories!

every now and then I think that no one else did the boring things I did as a child. Clearly I'm wrong.

dear god, the pain.

True 90's kid remembers this show! I'm singing the theme song as we speak!!!!

I remember these. Oh my! Why? Why? Why? What was I thinking?

Favorite part of the movie!! Michelle Wanstreet and Taylor Morris :) Thought you'd enjoy this

How about my daughter was so excited someone showed her how to draw this "S". LOL! Reminds me of Alameda in Downey, CA.

haha....Awwww...the Griswalds! @Aaron Williams I think we need a Christmas movie marathon with Chelsea!

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

Mr. Goodbody. He was creepy and vaguely Richard Simmons-esque....thought I had blocked him from my memory!!