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  • Raheela

    Showing the importance of wearing a seat belt, aimed at people who drive/friends of drivers. Shock factor - unclipping your seatbelt could lead to snapping your spine - life changing but simple decision that you wouldn't normally put much thought into. Trying to scare people into wearing a seatbelt. Clever way of advertising.

  • Hurmah Khan

    26 Genius ads #ad #campaign #visual #illustration A belt is easier than a back.

  • Dick Holzhaus

    Nice old school advertising. One click could change your future | From up North

  • José Vte.

    Usa el cinturón de seguridad en el coche... si no te puedes partir la espalda (campaña muy gráfica) / One click could change your future. Belt up

  • Jacky Russel

    Advertisement showing the importance of wearing a seat belt - just looking at this makes my back ache :( Very Powerful #funny ads #interesting ads #funny commercial

  • Ed Hammerton

    Seat Belt Awareness Campaign: "X-RAY - BACK" Print Ad by Marketforce

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