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  • Suz Q

    Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches -- put more of a S'mores twist on this and/or ice cream sandwich S'mores

  • Martha Stewart Living

    Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches Recipe -- our homemade version of the Moon Pie. Follow @MS_Living on Pinterest for more recipes and inspiration from the editors of Martha Stewart Living.

  • Irene Barton

    marshmallow cookie sandwiches recipe smore, please!

  • Jana Richard

    Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches - Martha Stewart Recipes: Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches were born when Tennessee gave us the Moon Pie in 1917, marking one giant leap for snack-kind. The homemade version is out of this world. Graham crackers are surprisingly easy to make. Get our cinnamon-and-sugar-laced recipe.

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