Owl bottle opener , a unique gift for the owl lover who also loves wine. #owls #giftideas #owllovers #gifts

owl corkscrew

Owl measuring cups. I want these... Now. ;)

Good Christmas gift idea!!

The Antwerp Owl Goblet (1548-1549). Silver and coconut. This is the oldest known Antwerp owl goblet. The head of the owl could be screwed off, so people could drink from its body. An old Dutch saying was engraved around the neck of the bird: ‘Als alle ander fogels sin thoe neste sois min flige beste.’ (‘When all the birds are [lying] in their nests, my flight is best’) - Decribing the owl as a bird who is active at night.

santa wine bottle caps

Owl Lights Out Switch Plate Cover - White, Owls, Rustic, Solid, Print with Animals, Halloween

wine holders for the beach.

DecorBreeze Snow Owl

Boxed Wine Stand. This would really class up my evenings-

Wine Cellar Key ~ Napa Style www.LiquorList.com "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom #liquorlist

Citrus Zinger Water bottle

I know what I want ...no NEED, for Christmas.

Propane Bottle Lego Head #DIY

Phases wall hanging

Repurpose an old garden rake as wine glass holder!!! #savetheplanet #rock #reuse #recycle #green #cool #trendy #style #nature #love #earth #EverydayEarthday


the never soggy cereal bowl

Inflatable car bed

Owl Glasses - Set of 4 #owl <3

Perfect for ViSalus Shakes