• J❂ℓαη ㋡

    Seven Ways to Cure "the Blurts"--great ideas for ADHD kids! [Not just for kids.]

  • Kristie Adkins

    Good ideas. Seven Ways to Cure "the Blurts"--great ideas for ADHD kids!

  • Angela Adams

    I haven't had time to read through all of these ideas, but if it will, indeed, help students from blurting out answers at inappropriate times.... It will be worth the time to find out.... I will see. :-)....Seven Ways to Cure "the Blurts"--great ideas for ADHD kids!

  • Alexis Valentin

    Seven Ways to Cure "the Blurts"- great ideas for ADHD kids!

  • LeeAnna Gelineau

    Classroom management ideas.

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STUDENT ORGANIZATION PACKET - LOTS of great things to help kids get organized! Especially good for late elementary and middle school when they start getting more homework assignments. Includes planner, to-do lists, behavior tracking, and LOTS more. TeachersPayTeache...

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FREE Interrupting Chicken activities to go with the book Interrupting Chicken. Use them to start a conversation about the importance of not interrupting. Love it!

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Saying “pay attention” is often not enough to get a student to pay attention. Inattentive students or those who struggle with task focus often need to be taught those skills. “I Can Stay Checked In” is a story that breaks down and describes these behaviors. It can be used with a wide range of learners in special and general education classrooms. A Teacher Guide, anchor chart and multiple worksheets are also included. 4.00

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OT ideas for tx. This site ROCKS! Enter what you want to accomplish or what medium you want to use and it gives all kinds of activities, etc!! :)

First, he blows some bubbles and, as expected, the kids all pop them. Then, he challenges them to NOT pop the bubbles even if one lands on the tip of their nose. Introduce the concept of self control and launch a discussion about stopping to think before you act. Dustin refers to it as a "bullet" in your year that you can refer back to again and again. "Think about that time when we didn't pop the bubbles..."

Curing the Blurts-- love these expectations and strategies. Read at B.O.Y each year.

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