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Beginning Quilting Series

Basic Quilting Supplies Choosing Fabric 101 How to work with quilt patterns Rotary Cutting 101 Piecing a Quilt 101 Adding borders 101 (Quick method) Batting 101 Introduction to Quilting 101 Machine Quilt Binding 101 Bias Binding 101
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How to make a quilt from start to finish. @Erin Ries Brennan I was just looking for a tutorial for quilting! I will have to get started on my picnic blanket quilts soon....

quilting 101 - I kind of want to make a quilt but I don't know if I room or time in the dorms.. hmmm

Interesting use of stripes. Strips are same size, but by allowing the white part of the strip to be on the outside, the squares appear to be overlapping. Do this in Ginger Bliss and other AB stripes.

Mommy by day Crafter by night: I'm addicted to quilting + a giveaway

I would make this with the 4" LG template (grande). Lay out a 4" grid on the white background. Cut mistyfuse backed scraps into 4" leaves using the Grande Template. Fuse and stitch by machine with a decorative stitch. Enjoy!

These Festive Fall Tutorials should make it easy for you to celebrate all season long. You’ll find anything from a stunning leaf scarf to a Batty Lamp. Oh, and don’t miss any of the amazing wreaths made with acorns, burlap, candy corn and so much more.

Would have loved this when the kids were in 4-H! Sheep quilt..Sometimes you just need to have fun with a quilt...

how to make a quilt - for beginners! Read again when ready to begin