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Too freakin cute...great sayings to hang on the wall too! DIY Painted Kitchen Towels.. #quotes #diy #kitchen

3D embroidery on canvas; make a design with rope and cover with embroidery thread--could make letters or a monogram. Awesome effect

America friendship bracelet. yesss

DIY making a french sennit tutorial

Use acrylic paint the back end of a paint brush for the dots. Then put into a cold oven preheat to 350 - let sit for 30 minutes. Turn off oven let cool with the glasses still inside. Voila! Hand-painted works of art you can drink from...this sounds fun to make and look gorgeous.

I just laughed out loud :)

HOW TO cupcake mason jars inexpensive gifts.

DIY Glitter Wellies

Use a Clorox Bleach Pen to make your own shirt ...

DIY Vintage Button Necklace

These glamorous silk flowers from Craft Quickies are a cinch to make and can be used in so many ways! Headbands, hair clips, necklaces, on belts or purses, pinned to a top or sweater, or even sewn to a pillow!

Nail polish wire flower headpiece

33 DIY Gifts You Can Make in Less Than an Hour

DIY Easy Summer Bracelet

I like this idea this is neat if you don't have marbles or rocks to cover where the stems are and you don't like to see them this is perfect. I personally don't mind seeing the stems but this is a cute idea. Great diy present I'm positive you can find cute vases at the dollar store or wal mart that would look good

use pennies, spray paint silver


DIY: worlds fastest stamp

Sharpie & rubbing alcohol Project!

What to Know Before Painting Glass

Put stickers down first on the mug. Dot all over with a Sharpie, then peel off the stickers before putting the mug in the oven!

leather bracelet tutorial

DIY State Map Art |

So simple! Layer cheap plastic beads (single layer) in cake pans, no lining required, melt at 400 for 20 minutes, let cool, & then just flip them out. Drill a hole in it to make it a suncatcher!

Paint Elmer's glue and food coloring on clean, dry glass = sea glass effect