• MCAS Pets

    The safety of his kitties, Fry and Bender, was first priority for Brandon Smith when floods hit his home in 2008. He's a HERO in our eyes! #cats #pets

  • Paws for the News - On Line Web Based Series

    Where I go my cats go. Love to see this man's priorities :) www.pawsforthenews.tv

  • Sara

    Love. You better believe that if there was a flood or some natural disaster, my arms would be holding my dog, not my possessions.

  • Teresa Rodiek

    The right priorities - a Real Man!

  • Dewitt Kiehn

    Pets #animals #adopt #cats #dogs #puppies #kittens #shelters #awareness #abuse #animalawareness #homeless

  • 🌈 Viviana Gonzalez 🌈

    Priorities. Love Animal Lovers... They are our babies !!!!

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Baby elephant

#cute #baby #elephant

Baby elephant :)

Baby elephant!

Elephant baby

Baby Elephant

Happy Half-Birthday Baby Elephant



Short-nosed Fruit Bat (Cynopterus sphinx). Photo by Ravi Kailas. Is it weird that I find fruit bats both REALLY cute and quite interesting?

#candida Our bodies contain 10 times as many #microbes as human cells. Many of these microbes are beneficial. We actually enjoy a symbiotic relationship with many of the bacteria (they help digest food, create serotonin, create B vitamins and more), but other microbes can cause disease, especially when they are out of balance. Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

I love Pit Bulls

Pit bull...so cute!!

108 reasons why corgis are the best dogs ever...


I wanted share a pic of my girls. The dog is Roxie and kitty is Olivia. They are sisters and they play all the time...

Chocolate Red Nose Pitbull Photo by hotmommaplus2 | Photobucket

Kitty massages pitbull... TOO CUTE!

The Best Of First World Dog Problems - LOL love these! :)

Awwwwwwwww this is adorable and exactly why I want a pitbull but no... Because Australia is stupid and thinks just because a few dogs weren't raised right that the whole breed is aggressive and dangerous

Adorable! Maybe once Ghost stops eating any bed we give him he can have a cute one like this :)

pit bull

Vintage Pit Bull