brush guide: hairBRUSH UP  photos: denman, ibiza, cricket, warrentricomi, spornette, mason pearson, denman post designed by kristin ess  #1 The Denman Paddle Brush. You can detangle with it, blow dry with it, massage your head with it, and tease hair with it. It doesn’t pull or scratch because of its perfectly rounded nylon pin-bristles, it doesn’t cause static, and is padded with an air cushion.


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We're featured in the "Everything You Need to Know to Find Your Perfect Hairbrush" round up by PopSugar Beauty! Just in case somebody needs to know what each brush is used for.

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Brushes

Sometime a good hair brush is hard to find. Whether you need a round brush or a paddle bristle brush, we have the ultimate hair brush guide based on your hair type.

24 Hacks, Tips, And Tricks On How To Curl Your Hair

24 Hacks, Tips, And Tricks On How To Curl Your Hair

Curling iron to curling wand! curling iron that I never use and it works just like a wand now!

Different hair bushes have specific purposes — learn them.

29 Cheat Sheets That Will Make Every Day A Good Hair Day

Different hair bushes have specific purposes — learn them. - 29 Charts that will make every day a good hair day

How to Prevent Hair Static #hairhacks #beautyhacks

Tame static cling flyaway hair with a dryer sheet on your hair brush! And it smells good! Make sure it's a used dryer sheet!

Diy hair mists


How To Make Your Own Mega Hair Growth Serum - Lavishly Natural

Mega Hair Growth Serum

Hair Serum - It all started with Kemi Oyl… — you know, that oil from back in the day in the small brown bottle. It was The BOMB! Kemi Oyl wouldn’t weigh your hair down, it smelled good,…

How to use coconut oil for a healthy beautiful hair

Use Coconut Oil on Your Hair and Skin

My lashes are already healthy and long because I do not torture them with makeup, but who doesn't want to grow their own natural eyelashes as long as possible

Amazing Tip for Long Lashes - DIY

Amazing Tip for Long Lashes – DIY mix castor oil, vitamin e oil and aloe Vera gel and lavender in a pot. Rub into eyelashes every night before sleep.

About a year ago I shared this post, which was 5 DIY Face Masks for Every Skin Type.  It quickly became a very popular post and has been pinned and re-pinned thousands and thousands of times and ha...

4 DIY Hair Masks for Every Hair Type

DIY hair Growth mask....Cinnamon is a spice that we normally use in the kitchen, but did you know that you can stimulate hair growth with cinnamon? click for the full recipe

DIY Hair Growth Mask with Cinnamon - Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons Agave Nectar 1 tablespoon of cinnamon