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  • Five Below

    Rock your room with these NEW solar buddies! No batteries required. Score 3 for $5! Or, $2/each #solar #buddies #fivebelow

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holiday solar buddies - cute stocking stuffer

Dusky Leaf Monkeys or Dusky Langurs are native to Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. The baby will lose that brilliant coloring by the time she's three months and will begin to turn grey to match the rest of her family.

Young Japanese macaques huddle together for warmth

ok, i don't normally like apes and monkeys but this guy is cute.

pug wearing sock monkey sweater. Love the sweater! Cynthia Sanchez Reeves

The Malay word orangutan means ''person of the forest.'' These long-haired, orangish primates, found only in Sumatra and Borneo, are highly intelligent and are close relatives of humans.

Cute Little Squirrel Monkey (pardon me while I go "SQUUUEEEEEEE!!!! XD" for the next 45 minutes).

Solar Pool Heating Rings, better than having to cover it with the sheeting which covers the whole pool!

leucistic chimp with a regular-colored friend (also appears to have heterochromic eyes)

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