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    shrooooms #mushrooms #magicmushrooms #psychedelic #trippy #art #drawing #rainbows. Whoa

    Hippie art by Kelihasablog Could be a good self portrait springboard

    Looks like art, but I'm convinced it might be acid...:P #hippy #hippie #peace #love #thehippybloggers #acid #trippy

    ☮ American Hippie Art ~ Peace ☮

    beautiful and trippy art with peace vibes!

    Hippies ♥ via | Hippies Hope Shop

    Hippie Art

    art c jewelry | love photography pretty drawing art red girl cute jewelry fashion ...

    Psychedelic Sun and Sea Singleton Hippie Art by justgivemepeace, $38.00

    Our Friend the Atom Illustration 8 1956 Walt Disney Book by Heinz Haber

    Is this fabric or a very soft colorful painting? If it is fabric how is it made? Pretty :)

    Color Me Pretty! ways to explore shades and tints. pretty patterns, doodles, collections.

    So pretty!

    Hanging zentangle designs | This would actually look pretty cool as a sleeve tattoo haniging from the shoulder

    Zendala by Nadine Lucas

    Looks pretty easy with big brush strokes - would make with a pumpkin and fall tree, maybe a turkey ~ definitely NOT a ghost & bats.

    More pretty blue

    G #art #color #mushroom

    heart341 {would also be pretty on top of Art Journaled Page ~ Belle}

    Would be a great way to frame a photograph. Also, good inspiration for art journaling. Love the sky too.