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Another legibility mystery — how does this read so well?! Because our brains fill in the blanks. Identity for animation studio The Kitchen designed by Sawdust.


design by the Infantree. This logo was designed to commemorate the first annual Library Lovers Art Auction. They were looking for something bright and informative. We simply added a little dash of clever.

CAT by florisvoorveld (clever!) #logo

|| simple. clever. logo.

Hawk logotype

h.a. Logo. Graphic design.

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maze x euan mcconchie #graphicdesign #design #typography #lettering #gif #loop #digitalart


Love logotypes that can be flipped upside down to show the same thing, or another word. Cool stuff.

Word play logo Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked her results

Clever use of two letters

k logo