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I can't remember what not tired felt like.

I can't remember what not tired feels like. Sometimes the extreme exhaustion of my RA, and fibromyalgia is much harder to deal with than the pain.



I had to pin this because my son actually did this! He asked if there were pb cups cause his mom really likes them! I love that kid! Good looking out for your mom!

Everything Paleo!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I'd do anything to lose except eat healthy and work out.

You want the good things technology brings. You also want to know how to stop checking your phone so much. Here's what a behavior expert says is the answer.

Hoy proponemos: This Is How To Stop Checking Your Phone: 5 Secrets From Research

Such a simple name, yet my name still gets spelled WRONG!

Oh my goodness. I'd be rich if I had a dollar every time my name was spelled wrong!

haha the struggle is real! I usually go for the pj's!

Simple Joys

Funny Weekend Ecard: That awkward moment when you take a shower in the middle of the day and you're not sure whether to put on regular clothes or pajama's. *Always choose pajamas!

Maxi dresses = crotchless yoga pants Story of my life @Katie Y

Dresses to the Rescue

They let the secret out! Now people will know when I'm wearing a maxi/crotch less yoga pants, that I'm not wearing panties. Just like when I wear yoga pants with a crotch!

True story...everyday.

My albums "Beauty and Sorrow" and "The Twilight Sessions" out now on iTunes, Spotify and so forth :-)


I hate mornings. And mondays. And working. But other than that I'm entirely happy. So true. So true

I love how my thighs look when I sit down wearing shorts. -Said no one ever.

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I love how my thighs look when I sit down wearing shorts.

Hahahahahaha!! Oooooh, buuurrrnnnn! - this is in no way toward any ex's new GFs...but wow....had to repin..

Lolol omg I'm crying. Lol I wish I could talk to my ex's new girlfriend. Problem is, I can't bark.