General conference activities for kids

General Conference Bingo

Family Proclamation Treasure Hunt Game

Best Resource Ever for General Conference Ideas

For General Conference: Put a different activity or treat in each of 15 baggies, one for each apostle. Label with a photo. When he is speaking, the kids get to work on that activity and eat that snack.


General Conference "mini" packets! Love these. I think the girl would enjoy these and they'd be easy to put together :)

tons of ideas for general conference

Great gen conf. ideas to help keep kids quiet. Then they can also look forward to certain speakers and learn apostles names.

General conference ideas

General Conference ideas for Toddlers

Like Easter basket- kids wake up on conference morning to a basket of treats and things to do during conference. Good way to get kids excited for conference.

Printable- LDS Apostle Cards great for general conference, family home evening and sacrament meeting.

conference store - get pennies for key words they listen to that they then use to buy things from the "Conference Store"

FHE Lesson about Agency

This is cool!!! Mormon Origami by Todd Huisken, would be a fun conference acticity

13 Weeks of FHE: The Articles of Faith--with stories, songs, video clips, activities, refreshments, and more. The clips are great!

10 LDS General Conference Activities for Kids

5 Minute Family Home Evenings with lessons based on favorite primary songs. (toddler age) Pinner says: The best FHE site I've seen for little ones with short attention spans. The activities are especially cute.

Free Apps for General Conference: Bingo, Temple Match, General Conference Review Games, and the Ensign... what WILL they think of next??

Activities to keep preschoolers busy during General Conference. Most of them are not Conference-specific, so could be used just as general busy bag ideas. Also has a link to a separate page of toddler ideas. #LDS