General conference activities for kids

woot - a way for me (grownup) to keep thoughts and inspiration a part of conference! :)

Give a conference addition of the Ensign to each girl and encourage them to read a talk each day until camp. Girls camp will then use the talks as devotionals and lessons. Could easily adapt this for other things. Love the idea of getting them to read each conference talk.

General Conference baskets for the sisters you VT

tons of activities, games, and other ideas for general conference with kids * UPDATED

Best Resource Ever for General Conference Ideas

general conference packet

Every time the kids hear the speaker say one of these words they can grab a piece of candy out of huge jar! We are doing this for conference!

Free Apps for General Conference: Bingo, Temple Match, General Conference Review Games, and the Ensign

conference store - and other great ideas for watching general conference with kids

10 LDS General Conference Activities for Kids

5 Minute Family Home Evenings with lessons based on favorite primary songs. (toddler age) Pinner says: The best FHE site I've seen for little ones with short attention spans. The activities are especially cute.

General Conference sheets

FHE Lessons for Kids

30 May:Quiet Bag Activities: used a lot of pins today in preparation for our making quiet bags activity. Found great inspiration & resources on this site and many others that I pinned on my 'Quiet Bag Activity' board.

Cute idea for conference!

3 Mormon Origami Projects for Your Next Church Activity

General Conference Bags

At first I thought it seemed too busy, but really the little ones are going to be busy no matter what so I may as well have their business related to conference. I think the whole thing is really cute. I love the airplane that travels to the homeland of the speaker, and the seats for our family to be in attendance. Something to do for next April's Conf.