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Direction But, Direction Pt 1, Direction Infection, Direction 1D, One Direction, Boo Bears, Direction Xx, Big Red, Direction 3

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i'd ride both of the things in this picture, you feel me? ♥ (i didnt put that but its quiet true) (:

Louis looks so grown up! Where has the time gone? Good thing he's as crazy as ever! Loving the hair!!!

im seriously running out of captions. they are all the same.... im dyingggg dead what is air i love them one direction:) my boysss

Aren't we looking sexy today Mr. Tomlinson.

.................................................sry cant come to phone right now to busy fangirling at the moment......

YOU GO BABY! TELL HER! Don't mess with the SassMaster!

asdfghjkl; whaaaaaaat i think i just had a heart attack ♥

How I feel when girls at school talk about how much they "love" the boys. Pshh. They can't name two songs!

Louis teen vogue cover One Direction, 1D, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Hazza, Harreh, Harold, Nialler, DJ Malik, Lou, Tommo .xx

Louis Tomlinson >>>the girl in the back screaming her head off would be me the girl looking at her would be everyone else they just don't understand