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Ibarionex and Jerod Foster took the stage at the Peachpit Booth at Photoshop World 2012 in Las Vegas. During this presentation, they discussed their unique approaches to photography inspired by choosing their favorite of the other photographer's images. The discussion which was recorded live  provides an insight into how each photographer uses light, story telling, gesture and more to make effective and strong photographs.

In this episode of The Candid Frame, Ibarionex shares some insights hes learned from the many interviews that hes conducted for the podcast, books and magazine articles. He shares how hes come to see his own creativity through the practices of some of the worlds best photographers.

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The Candid Frame #214 - Sam Abell

Quiet photography / The Candid Frame #214 - Sam Abell

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The Candid Frame #204 - Chloe Rice

Influenced by both fashion photographers and internet bloggers, New York native photographer Chloe Rice gives photojournalism a unique editorial feel. But in addition to specific artists and authors, it is easy to see from her photos that she could acknowledge the entire world as her inspiration.

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The Candid Frame #231 - Craig Semetko

Craig Semetko is a Los Angeles based photographer known for the sense of humor running through his work. The foreword for his first book, UNPOSED, was written by Magnum Photos icon Elliott Erwitt, who wrote of Semetko “...he is the essential photographer.

Emilio Banuelos has worked as an editorial photographer and consultant for newspapers in Mexico, Panama and the United States. His documentary work earned him fellowships from the Poynter Institute, The Marty Forscher Fellowship for Humanistic Photography and an award from EnFoco Inc. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Emilio teaches documentary photography for the Academy of Art University.

Ibarionex Perello is a Photographer, Instructor, Author, Podcaster, and enthusiast that hosts The Candid Frame: The most engrossing podcast geared toward the photographer. Not gear or technique or sales pitch. The photographer is discussed, the inspiration for their art, and the fuel that drives them. Pin this, and subscribe to the podcast if you are interest in making art with photography.

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Sam (Whittier Sam) Smotherman is narrative street photographer from Los Angeles, who believes in the power of dialogue and that is what he tries to create through his images. Not just a dialogue between observers but within the whole process. He is not removed from his pictures, but chooses instead to speak where subjects often have no voice, making sure to give articulation to those who have not only shared their image, but their words.

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The Candid Frame #236 - David Brommer

David George Brommer is a New York City based photographer specialized in alternative culture. In the mid-90′s David was the creative mind behind Suspect Photography, a studio-gallery acclaimed for exhibiting maverick and emerging photographers. David’s fascination with dark subject matter and the use of religious and mythological elements in his compositions resulted in an aesthetically unique body of work.

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The Candid Frame #222 - Dennis Manarchy

Dennis Manarchy was raised in Rockford, Illinois. He grew a love for photography at an early age and won a scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon graduation he was fortunate to serve an apprenticeship for legendary photographer, Irving Penn. It was a highly disciplined and uncompromising environment.

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The Candid Frame #235 - Michael E. Stern

Michael E. Stern is a commercial photographer who specializes in time-lapse photography. He uses the technique to serve numerous commercial clients who are in need of both short-term and long-term projects. His career has also included work as a corporate portrait photographer.

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The Candid Frame #249 - Michael Grecco

Michael Grecco is an award-winning and internationally renowned photographer of celebrity portraits, advertising and editorial commissions, private collections and fine art.

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The Candid Frame #232 - David duChemin

David duChemin is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, digital publisher, and international workshop leader whose nomadic and adventurous life fuels his fire to create and share. Based in Vancouver, Canada, when he’s home, David leads a nomadic life chasing compelling images on all 7 continents.

Martin Bailey is a Tokyo based nature, wildlife and portrait photographer. He is the host and producer of the Martin Bailey Photography podcast, which supports a popular blog and forum. He also conducts workshops and photographic tours in Japan and abroad.

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The Candid Frame #234 - Tony Sweet

After successful careers as a jazz musician/educator, and professional magician, Tony Sweet settled on photography as his chosen means for personal expression. Beginning as a film photographer, Tony has become facile in image editing software and plugins and is an in-demand speaker throughout the United States and Canada on creativity in the digital age.

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The Candid Frame #248 - Wyatt Neumann

When photographer Wyatt Neumann was 8-years-old his mother gave him Kodachrome 110 camera and told him he could shoot as much as he wanted as long he paid for film and developing. He cut a lot of lawns and delivered a lot papers, eventually turning his new toy into a profession. Wyatt now shoots on a variety of formats ranging from his 120 Mamiya to his iPhone, and his work has been recognized and awarded internationally.

Joel Grimes describes himself as an illusionist, a photographer who has created his personal stamp on the art of photography. His unique style for creating portraits, especially of sports figures, have made him a a popular and in-demand photographer for a host of commercial and editorial clients and increasingly, as an educator. Though his work involves him being a technician of sorts, he creates photographs with the vision of an artist.

Jasmine DeFoore is a photo consultant who knows first hand what busy editorial and commercial clients are looking for when it comes to finding photographers. She infuses her consulting projects with energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Her approach integrates social media marketing with traditional promotional efforts and relationship building. Jasmine launched her consulting business in 2010 and continues to be an active member of the photo community.

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The Candid Frame #223 - Ellen Jacob

Ellen Jacob is a photographer and artist. Her work focuses on people and their relationships that powerfully affect life and largely go unnoticed. Her images are about the things that seem natural but aren't. Ellen started her career as an art director for the advertising agencies BBDO and Grey.