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OR had one of those balls flick you in the fingernail!, hurt like a mother fucker too!

Yes, that happens to me a lot, hahaha!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@ Dump A Day Random Funny Pictures - 70 Pics

If you're having girl problems, I feel bad for you son...

Or stare at them awkwardly until they feel my gaze buring in the back of their skull.

blunt cards about women | fully intended to have the house cleaned, dinner made, and look ...

The most depressing part of your day (no matter how attractive you really are).

hahaha oh Katie Davis, this reminds me of you! and obviously me too lol we just love our sweets!

Oh why yes it does! STORY OF MY LIFE!

They say if you you really want to know a person, look at their pinterest board. I say if you really really want to know a person, check out what they liked. You guys are some kinky bitches, keep up the good work.

These shopping gimmicks always kill me. I love how they say " open a new credit card and get 15% off today's purchase when you know the interest rate is going to be 22%.... Every month!! No thanks!!

I'd jump up and down for joy, but my boobs are just way too big for that nonsense. - for my sister lol

@Verónica Sartori Almanza Saucedaónica Sartori Smith this is our lives!