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Hans (Jean) Arp (1887 - 1966) Etoile (Star) 1939 Original plaster Height: 34.1 cm (13.5 in)

beautiful paper. This is an amazing installation. Wow!

The world's largest indoor sculpture #sculpture #art

Tullio Lombardo's Adam

Loop.pH Studio are internationally recognized for the design and fabrication of ephemeral textile architecture and living environments. The studio explores the role of art and design in public space and society, and consults on creative strategies and future scoping for industry, start-ups and the public sector, with hospitals, schools and regeneration agencies all commissioning their work.


Rafa Perez Ceramics • Ceramics Now - Contemporary ceramics magazine

Cornelia Parker ~ Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991 (installation, garden shed and contents blown up)

Constantin Brancusi, Portrait of Eileen Lane, c. 1922

Installation sculpture

動植綵絵 02. 梅花小禽図[ばいか しょうきん ず],"Pictures of the Colorful Realm of Living Beings", 1758, Jakuchu Ito

Emma McNally

/ / . Emma McNally

Ring installation by Arnaud Lapierre

Ted Lawson :: Eve, 2011


700BC-650 BCE Tridacna squamosa shell carved with a human head on the apex and two incised winged sphinxes in a register on the edge of the inner side; lotus buds and flowers in the space above the sphinxes with a band of hatched or plain triangles framed by parallel lines defining the inner edge of the field; assembled from fragments; the shell served as a container for cosmetics. E.MED -PHOENICIAN found probably in Vulci Italy, exact production site unclear British Museum

Walter Oltmann Sculpture

Sopheap Pich | 'Buddha of the Scarred Land'. Rattan


Detail of reflection 3 - paper sculpture by Katsumi Hayakawa, Japan

Awesome sculptures whittled from more than 5,000 pieces of scrap wood…


Costantino Nivola #art #sardegna #sardinia