this happened to me a couple of months ago

And all too often, true.

SO many people...

These are my feelings right now.



Thanks for calling to tell me that you just sent me an e-mail.

Story of my life!

And the loudest one as well.....

I call one of my coworkers 'Adobe Updater' because she tries to be helpful, but she's really just annoying. LOL!

Very true story lol

i hate those stupid stickers

Majority of the time I'm just being mean. Maybe I should just put a foot in your ass to prove it.

Why is this Sooo true??

my life

passive aggressive

OMG my life motto on an ecard. Haha. If someone hates you for no reason, give that motherf***er a reason.

this makes me feel better about my last minute homework habits.


Just go to bed, already.