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De Stihl Library by Olivier #Graphic Design|

Merging some of the most memorable levels and enemies of Super Mario World in HD. Buy this print online at My portfolio

The past year has really sucked so far as wonderful niche games seeing the light of day go. Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation got the most press, but I think I may actually be more broken up about Steambot Chronicles 2. Look at this art! It's so... lo-fi. Clearly promo art drawn by a dude (or lady?) with a nice marker set. No one makes game art like this anymore... and they don't make games like this, either. Read more:

Hironobu Sakaguchi presents: The Last Original Wii Game Worth A Crap That'll Ever Come to America. (Seriously, if Dragon Quest X makes it over, it won't be on Wii.) Sadly, we won't be able to review it because Xseed had Sakaguchi sign it, so now we have to put it in a sealed glass container to preserve it for future generations.

Capcom presented this as the American box art for Street Fighter X Tekken for Vita. I kinda wish they hadn't been joking just to see the befuddlement on the faces of Wal-mart shoppers everywhere.

Tearaway for the Vita looks magical. A natural (and yet still unexpected) new direction for MediaMolecule.

How many of you picked up Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for the 3DS? Doesn't compare to Uprising (of course), but it's on par with the NES game in many respects!