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The election board quickly deadlocked. One of its biggest fights was over where to put the early voting location. Democrats wanted a central spot in downtown Toledo; Stainbrook pushed for a site nine miles away in Maumee, which is one-twentieth the size of Toledo and almost entirely white.

Veterans Job Act. S.1982 was killed by Senate Republicans by a vote of 56-41 -- with only Republican Senators voting nay and only two (2) Republicans voting for the bill. "If signed into law, this sweeping legislation would expand and improve health care and benefit services to all generations of veterans and their families." ~Veterans of Foreign Wars

The most violent element in society is ignorance.Emma Goldman El elemento más violento en la sociedad es la ignorancia.Emma Goldman Ignoreco estas la pri violenta elemento ol la socio.Emma Goldman

Excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best... picturesgardens.b...

And now protest to have republicans take away social security that people themselves paid for.

republican leadership....shame VOTE the DO NOTHING for the MIDDLE CLASS GOP OUT in 2014!

Image from National Women's Party 2.0.............. I wish a legitimate democratic woman would run for every congressional office and women would vote them in. We would see such a difference in our country.

9-11 First Responders are not as important to Republicans as the 1%.

Seems to be their agenda. In a time of crisis, they have blocked change. Vote them out. They haved destroyed this country.

HEY GOP -=- FIRE The Whole LOT, Let's Get Out & Vote :: Strength in Numbers, They Speak for Themselves !!

Say what? Some of them made me laugh, some made me sad, and some made me feel so small