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    A Comment on a Bernie Sanders Post Grabbed Me, Despite All My Cynicism. - by BikingForKarma on the Daily Kos - "Sanders isn't afraid to call out the bad guys, nor is he connected to their money pipelines. Cynicism is when you accept the money from those who create our status quo. Bernie hasn't sold out."

    "The average prison sentence for men who kill their intimate partners is 2 to 6 yrs. Women who kill their partners are sentenced, on average, to 15 yrs. ...As many as 90% of the women in prison today [2008] for killing men had been battered by those men. - The Michigan Women’s Justice & Clemency Project"

    Clearly, more guns is not the solution... I'm moving to one of the Scandinavian countries !

    Truth be told...


    a little exercise


    Back to the madrassa with his ass! :P -

    Partisan politics loss

    Truth be told...



    Planned Parenthood Fun Fact #2

    John Oliver Exposes Shady Televangelists Fleecing Americans For Millions


    The 5 biggest policy differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton - Vox. An ok article, soft on Clinton's waffling, and doesn't give Bernie credit for having detailed plans -down to the granular level- on how to accomplish his goals. But over all even-handed comparison.

    Repin if you agree that this should be everywhere.

    and don't forget the rebounding economy and housing markets! I am VERY proud to have voted for Barack Obama!!

    If you make less than 500k, are female, or any other minority, why would you vote Republican?

    The concept of prisons for profit is wrong, because it creates a demand for prisoners. Think about it!...this is exactly why I refuse to fuel that system in promoting or glamorizing criminal activities...its simple....some religious people get accused of being sheltered...while not being as hardened...they don't provide any fuel. any argument for arms....needs to be followed by significant and meaningful action and mental stability..

    support equality

    Enough whining, white folks.

    Just the way we like him. #Bernie2016 #feelthebern #2016elections

    9 people who put a human face on the student debt crisis