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FACTS: What people believe until a better theory comes along. IGNORANCE: What people consider themselves above, until a good thesis proves such notions probable.

republican leadership....shame VOTE the DO NOTHING for the MIDDLE CLASS GOP OUT in 2014!

The election board quickly deadlocked. One of its biggest fights was over where to put the early voting location. Democrats wanted a central spot in downtown Toledo; Stainbrook pushed for a site nine miles away in Maumee, which is one-twentieth the size of Toledo and almost entirely white.


Not the first time they did that too.

Social Security Facts! But the Baby Boomers need the money and there are fewer people paying in and the government debt is 16 trillion, so how does a government in debt pay back Social Security monies that it borrowed?

The hard, cold facts........some of those jobs used to belong to you and your neighbors....Now Walmart is supporting Communist China by being their 7th largest trading partner.

All Governments are corrupt. There is no manner of wickedness unknown to man in this age. It is truth to know that governments of all people seek only to control and they therefore use wickedness, lies, and evil doings to bring this to pass. All things to them are for control, and not unlike an addiction there is no amount of control which satiates them or shall ever be enough even to the personal enslavement of all God's Children.

And they never will be! Are you listening Chief Justice Roberts? The Supreme Kooks really pulled a scam on us! Treasonous bastards! - Nicky J.

Excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best... picturesgardens.b...

Truth be told... The new GOP !!!!

The most violent element in society is ignorance.Emma Goldman El elemento más violento en la sociedad es la ignorancia.Emma Goldman Ignoreco estas la pri violenta elemento ol la socio.Emma Goldman