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Lindsey Berggren Triangle pattern design

Society6from Society6

Hand Painted Triangle & Honeycomb Ink Pattern - indigo & cream Art Print by Micklyn

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Hand Painted Triangle & Honeycomb Ink Pattern - indigo & cream Art Print #navy #pattern #watercolor #micklyn

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simple triangles pattern

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wow #drawing #zentangles

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Society6from Society6

Pomegranate Pattern Art Print by Georgiana Paraschiv

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Pomegranate Pattern by Georgiana Paraschiv

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St. Maarten Kilim rug with interwoven hues of cream and black Design by

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This is a block repeat pattern. I like this pattern as it only uses triangles.



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This reminds me I need to find out where in Torino the Shroud of Turin is located so I can go see it! :)

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.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

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Suzanne Antonelli's excellent Tumblr of her patterns.

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Textile patterns by suzanne antonelli.

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geometric Amazing Pattern Design #pattern #textile #design #surface #SurfaceDesign #fabric #creative

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40 motifs, textures et patterns à découvrir - Inspiration graphique #14

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Amazingly intricate and colorful pattern design! #ArtGalleryFabrics #design #colors #geometric #art #colorful #quilt #fabric #textile #inspiration