Beautiful colours, especially the bodice. I bought a dirndl dress in Germany and still have it.

DIRNDL - farm girl style This is how I envision myself. Lol

Dirndl with boots. #dirndl #dress #folk #costume #German #clothing


The lovely pairing of pale pink and navy blue at work in two Marianne Kranz dirndls. #dress #dirndl #German #Austrian #traditional #folk #costume #trachten #tracht #pink

purple dirndl = its an traditional german (bavaria) dress

Dirndl, Hammerschmid, pretty dresses from Germany

Dirndl Marissa, creme, 3-tlg

I love to dress up. This is my 'Dirndl' that I bought just for the Oktoberfest, Munich. I am there 'as we speak' 09/26/14 #beer #bavaria #germany

Inexpensive Dirndl Oktoberfest German Austrian Dress Sizes 6 - 22 | eBay $39.90 (I am almost willing to spend the money just to see how nice they are. I would use my own apron, because the ones represented here aren't very pretty...)

Mori style, more fitted than some.

Love black and white based dirndls - so chic! #dirndl #dress #German #folk #costume


thatbohemiangirl: My Bohemian Style  Traditional dirndl by designer Lena Hoschek (source:

Elizabethan Kirtle | A beautifully fitted creation! As a bonus, it has different bodices and jackets to change up the look! Check out the link for more.

The traditional dirndl consists of a blouse, full skirt, bodice & apron. "Dirndl" has come to refer both to the dress & the girl wearing it. When checking out a dirndl (either as competition or target of affection) make sure to check where the knot of the apron is tied: a knot on HER left-hand side side means she is single & available.

Dirndl traditional dress, Germany

Country Hotel Kleidung - Dirndl - Trachtenmode - Landhausmode und mehr - Dirndl Victoria by Wenger Couture

Boho gypsy boots...

Lena Hoschek Tradition - Große Auswahl bei