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I've been struggling with inspiration lately, so I checked out Etsy for a few new prints! http://www.uglyducklinghouse.com/mixed-bag-design-thoughts/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Sarah%20Fogle%20%7C%20uglyducklinghouse.com%20(Ugly%20Duckling%20House%20Projects)&utm_content=A%20Mixed%20Bag%20of%20Design%20Thoughts

Needlepoint Art DIY - The Ugly Duckling House

Zoo Animals by Laura Gee

Pineapple Illustration by marieluney on Etsy, $20.00

How to prep and prime walls after drywall repair to ensure an even paint job. http://www.uglyducklinghouse.com/paint-prep-drywall-repair/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Sarah%20Fogle%20%7C%20uglyducklinghouse.com%20(Ugly%20Duckling%20House%20Projects)&utm_content=Painting%20Prep%20after%20Drywall%20Repair


Calling all cactus fans! If sustaining even a succulent is beyond your ability, you can always hang a print of one of artandpeople artist Laura Garcia Serventi's potted-plant compositions. #etsy

sarah mcneil

by Stefania Manzi

Magic House | Blanca Gomez | Baby Nursery Wall Art | Children's Prints - Brimful

#etsy shop: juliapott definitely one of my favourite etsy illustrators $18

Nadadora print by blancucha on Etsy

Traffic jam big print.

Cactus Club Print by CactusClub on Etsy, $20.00

2014 Calendar, 20% OFF, Geometric illustration, Animal prints, Original illustrations.


Lizzy Stewart

Sort of Circles Open edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf on Etsy, $25.00

Arizona Hues wall art by Chulart on Etsy, $22.00


Amazing animal sculpture art