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  • Cheree Voigt

    Muffin tin as Easter egg dying egg tray- why didn't I think of this!

  • Patti Lacy

    Leah discovered this Easter egg hack while dyeing eggs with her toddler: A large muffin pan works really well for egg dyeing. I have two and was able to use one for dyeing and one for drying the dy...

  • Terri Brodfuehrer

    Muffin tin as Easter egg dye container..What a easy way to dye Easter eggs-No more cups tipping over!

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Must try this paper plate creation. Sending guests home with leftover treats may get easier.

muffin pan as the condiment tray!! clean up will be easy too!

Vibrant Easter Eggs, dyed naturally. Thought this would also be a good teaching tool for textiles were dyed long ago. Maybe even try to dye different materials like cotton fabric, yarn, etc with the the natural dyes (science).

dyeing eggs using a colander--stick egg in colander, splash some vinegar, then drop food coloring--swirl around, let dry for a minute or 2 & then rinse under cold water. Add some salt for a watercolor effect

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All-Natural Egg Dye. Boil the eggs in the pot with vinegar and cabbage to get blue eggs? Seriously? Got to try this.

dying eggs with rit dye - love the saturation! (for decoration - not consumption)