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good to know : 7 herbs that grow in the shade

7 Herbs that grow in the shade. Herbs in shade may seem like a difficult combination. Fear not. For beds and borders shaded by trees, fences or buildings, try one or more of these seven stars for shade.

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8 Kitchen Herbs for the Shade Garden- Because not every garden is full sun!

8 Culinary Herbs for the Shade Garden

8 Kitchen Herbs for the Shade Garden- Here is a short list of culinary herbs I’m considering incorporating into my future perennial shade garden: Onion Chives Garlic Chives Cilantro Mint Lemon Balm Lovage Parsley Sage

when planting your tomatoes, lay the long stem in a trough and bury it. The plant will put out more roots then for a good anchor and the plant won't be so tall and spindly.

Get Your Tomatoes off to a Perfect Start

Plant Deeply Tomato plants form roots all the way along their stems, so you can give your plants an extra-strong root system (especially the tall, leggy ones) by planting them on their sides.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis; Zones 3-7) is a European perennial that does as well in shade as it does in full sun. Its delightful lemon scent comes from its high essential oil content. The leaves are best harvested in mid-spring. As a culinary herb, lemon balm makes a delicious tea and the minced leaves are a nice addition to fruit salads. Essential oil of lemon balm is used in aromatherapy as an antidepressant. T

7 Herbs that Grow in Shade: Lemon Balm

5 Gorgeous Herbs to Grow on Your Windowsill

5 Delicious Indoor Herbs for Your Windowsill

A gardener shares what she has learned from years of growing herbs, including pruning, using them in companion planting, using them for landscaping, and more.--B/c apparently I can't keep some herbs alive in my house.

10 Medicinal Plants to Grow | Survival Prepping Tips at Survival Life Blog: survivallife.com #survival #prepping #survival-gear

Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard

➡ Growing Blueberries in Containers  Good news! It’s easy to grow blueberries in containers on your deck or patio. That’s a boon for small-space gardeners—and it’s fun to have the berries to pick at the outdoor breakfast table even when you have a blueberry hedge elsewhere in your yard. Blueberries are at the top of the health-boosting hit parade and they’re popular with all ages.

How to Grow Blueberries in Containers.been meaning to get a top hat blueberry plant