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Ninjas descending on the targets via ropes. This is how it all begins.

Vintage pierrot & ?fortune teller? No information.

Two pierrots in a studio was "found" by and is in the collection of LovedayLemon

I play with fire all the time, only it's metaphorical. @EnergyVanguard will want to follow this board.

Vintage Photos of Circus Performers from 1890s-1910s, clown

CIRQUE BERZERK - DEATH by Kevissimo, via Flickr Check out more inspiration at

The women is suspended by two ribbons, both giving her equal support just as the circus needed the bonfire and the tree of life to be able to maintain the illusion and the feel of "The Night Circus".

knife thrower, The Netherlands, 1906. #circus #vintage by corinne

An unidentified Clown poses next to an unidentified Female Circus Performer signing a photograph. Date on back of photo is May 16, 1946